Longevity Specialty Welding, LLC

At Longevity Specialty Welding, we install, maintain and repair factory equipment and other industrial machinery. We serve various areas in Texas, United States, the US Virgin Islands and Canada.

We hold a Certificate of Technical Proficiency with Orbitalum. We've successfully completed a Course in Technical Training and Operation, Orbitalum Smart Welder / Mobile Welder Systems, Orbitalum OW Series Fusion Weld Heads and Orbitalum GF Series Saws / RPG Series Facers.

Orbitalum Certification

The services we provide include Industrial Welding, Tanks and Pipeline Installation, Stainless Steel Pipe Repair and Maintenance as well as Scaffold Installation. 

Our industries are Cannabis, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Distilleries, Wineries, Breweries and Food and Beverage.